Crazy Taxi – 5 worst cities to take a taxi

Taxi services around the world range from the very good to the hopelessly corrupt and downright dangerous – if you’ve just landed in a foreign airport, the last thing you want is to get in trouble with taxis. You are tired, overwhelmed by luggage, and you just want to get to your hotel smoothly. The bad news for travelers is that at the airport taxi drivers are more likely to try to rip you off – they know you’re tired, they know you’re new to the country, and they know they have an opportunity to trick or pressure you into doing so. paying more than you should. But be forewarned: here are five cities that are famous for having some of the worst taxis in the world …

Cairo is famous for being one of the most infuriating places to take a taxi. Whether hailing a taxi on the street or at the airport, taxi drivers in Cairo have an unpleasant tendency to be rude, aggressive, and constantly overcharge. Even if you’ve agreed on a price before you start your trip, Cairo taxi drivers will invariably ask for a lot more when it’s time to pay. Cairo veterans claim the best tactic is to simply give them what they think is fair and walk away without getting into an argument – it might be worth getting a pre-booked airport taxi and saving yourself the hassle!


Caracas’ standard white taxis are of fairly good quality, but there are a fleet of pirate taxis (usually nothing more than unmarked cars with a paper taxi sign taped to the window) that are notoriously unreliable. When you arrive at the airport, your taxi must be booked in advance through an airport shuttle, or you will likely get more than you bargained for on a trip through the Venezuelan capital.

In Moscow, there is a “gypsy taxi” culture: if you stand on the road with your thumb out, almost taxi airport zaventem anyone will stop and drive you, looking to earn a little money while driving around town. However, this service is not regulated at all and can lead to discussions about fees. Unless your Russian is up to the task, better stick to official taxis!

Mexico City

Sometimes taxi fares feel like armed robbery, but in Mexico this is not an exaggeration! The taxi fleet in Mexico City is made up of white and green VW Beetles; They may look cute, but don’t be fooled. There have been persistent reports of passengers being taken to an ATM and forced to withdraw large sums of money. Using airport shuttle services and only taking taxis that you have contacted in advance are the best ways to avoid the problem.

The taxi drivers of this Nigerian city are not the problem, it is the thousand and one insignificant officials who will be signaling to their taxi in search of a bribe. “Official” checkpoints dot the roads, and traveling around the city can quickly become very tedious, so hail a taxi on the street at your own risk!