Cool Lawyer Pick up Lines[Cheesy,Funny,Dirty]

If you are looking for the best pickup lines or want to hit on Lawyer guys or girls yourself? then this blog post is perfect for you! pick-up lines can help you score with people in the law and regulation field. Hit on law professionals such as paralegals, courthouse workers, and attorneys. Make these pick-up lines related to the lawyer profession to help you add some flirty spice into your life.

  • Hey baby, I’ll show you my opening statement but it’s up to you to close .
  • Hey boy, I hear you’re of good fame and character. Just dishcloths, and I’ll admit you.
  • I hope you don’t object to this leading question, boy, but you want me, don’t you?
  • I’ll teach you about jurisdiction, if we change the venue to my place.
  • Just be who you are, I’m not the one to judge.
  • Just be who you are, I’m not the one to judge.
  • Is your estate subject to open?

  • My ratio decidendi wanted so much to discover, search and explore your dictum.
  • Are you my lawyer? Because you should be definitely screwing me.
  • I think I’d be liable for negligence if I neglected to come over and talk to you.
  • I am not demanding for an easement. As long as we are making each other happy that’s fine.
  • Yes I can be negligent with other things but I will not, I promise be negligent with your heart.
  • Hey, I’m poly, expressio unius non est exclusio altius.
  • You must be a long arm statute cause you could grab me anywhere.

  • Are you equity, cause I’ll make you come with clean hands.
  • Oh baby, I’ll give you so much due process, standing will be the only issue.
  • Are you the Court of Appeals because I’m tryna get overturned.
  • I’m not in Big Law, but I got a big… Ego and Major Depression, please tell me I’m pretty.
  • Is your name Lexis? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for.
  • Are you confidential files? Because I’d like to examine you in camera.
  • Girl, are you a burden shifting test? Cause what’s that butt for?

  • Hi, are you my legal fees? Because you’re way too high and clearly taking advantage of me.
  • Damn boy, is your ass Informal Rulemaking under the Administrative Procedure Act? Because I just had to Notice and Comment.
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